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Colin Barceloux Techmate Story

In the Fall of 2014, Colin received a phone call from his Dad, who again had problems with his desktop computer. As a Medical Toxicologist, a working computer is vital to his business; however, no solution was found after troubleshooting for over two hours.Dismayed by the difficulty of long distant support, Colin looked for a local technical professional. Geek Squad had terrible customer reviews, and Colin felt uncomfortable sending a stranger from Craigslist to his parent’s home. With no other options, he had to fly to Los Angeles that weekend to fix the problem in person. After this experience, Colin realized there must be millions of other young adults with similar experiences. Parents rely on family members for technical help because skilled, trustworthy professionals are hard to find. Technology is involved in so many aspects of our lives, the availability of quality support needs to change. Colin and his co-founder Scott recognized the need for a dedicated and trusted technology service to connect people with trained and vetted professionals. They created Techmate to help people set up their devices, solve computer problems, and learn how to use technology to improve their lives.

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We love working hard to build meaningful things. Our team is obsessed with our customers. We always consider how something looks, or feels for a customer. We work hard to make our commitments to one another and our customers.

Colin Barceloux


Colin is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Techmate. He received a BS in Management Information Systems from Santa Clara University and a MBA from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. Before Techmate, Colin founded Rafter & BookRenter.com, a leading venture backed textbook rental company to address the high cost of educational materials

Scott Hasbrouck


Scott is the Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Techmate. He previously founded Ginkgotree, which revolutionized the textbook industry by becoming the first venture-backed company to offer customizable digital textbooks from the three largest U.S. textbook publishers.

Monica Mueller


Jordan Hosmer


Gary Quizon

Gary Quizon, IT Manager

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Techmate works with the top-rated technology specialists throughout our service areas, and there’s always a Techmate nearby to help. We hand select each Techmate to ensure their customer service matches their technical expertise.